Vases & Urns

Cheer up any room with a decorative vase

Decorate your home with stylish vases. The right décor pieces can make a huge difference in your room’s overall design, and these vases are bold enough to make a statement. Choose a glass vase in bright colors to hold your flowers or let a floor vase stand on its own and catch the eye of guests with its stunning design. We even carry fun garden urns to decorate your outdoor spaces as well.

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pot de creme vase


$20.00 per month

zanzibar woven vase


$20.00 per month

blue mosaic vase


Save 53%


art glass bottle


Save 54%


More Colors Available

trentino captured glass vase



$20.00 per month

lady selina angel vase


$20.00 per month

set of 2 metal vases


$20.00 per month

white blossom in vase


$20.00 per month

vortex glass plate


Save 40%


$20.00 per month

indented ceramic vases

$24.99 - $54.98

$20.00 per month

Showing Products 1 - 12 of 12