Boogie Board Rip LCD Writing Tablet

This item is currently not available.

The easiest way to transfer thoughts and drawings from paper to your computer—without wasting even a sheet of paper! This LCD writing tablet combines the comfortable "feel" of writing on paper with the ability to save your work electronically. Just use the included stylus, and start writing or sketching on the screen. Push the "save" button to store it in the Boogie Board's internal memory—it can hold over 100 pages of notes, sketches and ideas. Clear the screen with a touch of the erase button, and you're ready to start again. Connect to your computer (USB cable included) to transfer the stored files for editing, organizing, archiving and sharing. Has a 9.5" LCD screen, lock/unlock switch and micro USB port. Includes rechargeable battery. Compatible with Windows OS and Mac OS. 7" w x 11" h x 1/2" d. Available only in gray/black.