Wellington Collection

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Fill your table—and all your senses—with these exquisite, delectable Wellington variations. Beef Wellington has Filet mignon in puff pastry with liver paté simmered in cognac, herbs, a filling of shallots, mushrooms, demi-glacé sauce and Madeira. Pork Wellington wraps the juiciest pork tenderloin in a flavor-rich blend of Port wine, juicy cherries, fresh thyme and balsamic vinegar. Lamb Wellington brings fragrance and assertive taste to the meal with aromatic rosemary and caramelized sweet onions. Salmon Wellington presents a mouth-watering catch of flavors surrounding tender Atlantic Salmon Filets: a pesto of pine nuts, parmesan cheese, fresh basil and lemon juice.

Shipped frozen in a reusable insulated cooler containing dry ice.