8-in-1 Portable Power Source by Rally


The must-have tool for flat tires, dead car batteries, low cell phone power and even how you'll make a margarita or inflate your air mattress on a camping trip.
    This portable power source features:
  • Emergency booster cables to jump start any 12-volt battery safely
  • USB, AC and DC power supply to charge or use a laptop, TV, radio, phone, camera or small 110-volt AC appliances (up to 140 watts) while camping
  • Air compressor and air pressure gauge to inflate tires, air mattresses, water toys, balls and more
  • LED flashlight and emergency flasher for roadside emergencies
  • Emergency hand generator to power device
Includes AC and DC chargers, rechargeable battery and 3 nozzle adapters. 11" w x 8 3/4" h x 7 1/4" d. Available only in yellow/black.