Cabinet Accent Appliqués

This item is currently not available.

Embellish ho-hum cabinets with easy-on, removable vinyl decals for a custom, designer-inspired look. Great for renters, and homeowners looking for an affordable update. Applies to wood, glass, metal and drywall. Self-adhesive. Available in your choice of patterns.

Hearts: Light brown; includes 8 vertical, 8 single hearts, 8 drawer hearts, 4 double hearts and 4 small double hearts (1 3/4-4 3/4" l)
Barbed Wire: Beige; includes 6 vertical, 2 small vertical, 8 drawer barbs and 4 box barbs (5 1/2-13" l)
Fleur-de-lis: Dark brown; includes 4 box, 8 drawers, 8 vertical (5 1/2" l) and 8 small fleur-de-lis (1 3/4" l)

All are sized to fit standard cabinet doors and drawers.