Gourmet Smoker & Grill


Smoking meat imparts a tenderness and flavor that is hard to match (and magically transforms the toughest meats into gourmet dishes). There's many a barbecue fan who'll tell you it's not real BBQ unless it's been smoked. This grill/smoker combo lets you join the ranks of the great outdoor chefs. The grill base contains an electric element that heats the surrounding lava rocks. With your choice of applewood, hickory, mesquite or other wood chips (not included), flavorful smoke fills the body of the smoker and permeates the food on the chrome grill above. It's the opposite of fast food, but it's beyond delicious. You can also remove the smoker cylinder and use the base and the domed lid as a standard grill. Includes lava rocks, instruction manual and smoke cooking recipe book. Metal; assembly required. 21" w x 35 1/4" h x 17 3/4" d.