Child Safety

Child Safety

Make Your Child’s World a Safer Place

Accidents happen in the wink of an eye. And once they do, they can’t be undone. That’s why practicing vigilant child safety is so important, and why we’re admittedly obsessed with safety topics.

The alarming fact is, preventable injuries are the #1 cause of death in kids in the U.S. Every year, 9,000 families lose a child to a preventable injury and another nine million kids wind up in the ER. However, the key word here is preventable. By child proofing, building sound safety habits, and teaching your child basic safety rules, you can greatly reduce the risks.

Kids are natural explorers. Sometimes they do breathtakingly dangerous things, like climbing a bookcase. Sometimes, they’re exposed to outside hazards, like insidious UV rays. And sometimes, bad things inexplicably happen. As parents, the best we can do is to anticipate what could happen and put safeguards in place before they do.

Do you know where most accidents happen? In the home. That’s why thorough child proofing is so essential. Even if you’ve already safety proofed your home, baby gates and all, please take a minute to read our nursery safety and child proofing guides, not to mention our tips for safe travel and outings.

Because if you come away with just one new strategy for keeping your child safe, isn’t that well worth your time?

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