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How To Baby Proof Your Bathroom

Water, slippery surfaces, rock-hard fixtures…there’s no question that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for kids

While there is no substitute for vigilant supervision some proactive baby proofing will make the bathroom a safer place for kids to be.

Monitor Water Temperature

Always fill the tub first and check the water temperature before placing baby in it. Some experts recommend turning the water heater down to 120°F to avoid risk of scalding.

Child Proof the Bathtub

Hard, slippery tubs pose a hazard for everyone, but especially kids who are still working on balance. To prevent bumps and bruise, use soft bathtub bumpers to cushion hard tub walls. To shield kids from backing into protruding metal faucets, use a faucet cover.

Use Non-Slip Bath Mats and Rugs

An extra-long non slip bath mat can help keep kids from sliding in the tub, especially when they’re getting in an out. In addition, choose bathroom rugs that have a non slip bottom.

Put the Toilet Bowl on Lockdown

Besides the fact that you don’t want your child playing anywhere near toilet water, know that toddlers have actually drowned in unsecured toilets. A simple toilet lock will ensure kids can’t raise the lids by themselves.

Keep Vanity Cabinets Locked

There are lots of dangerous items in the bathroom, from toiletries and cosmetics to razors and small electrics. The easiest way to child proof them: cabinet locks and drawer locks.

Child Proof Your Medicine Chest

You can find child proof cabinet locks for medicine chests, as well as medicine safes. Remember: never discard old pills in the trash where kids can find them.

Don’t let Down Your Guard

A child can drown in just 2″ of water.  Never, ever leave a baby alone in the bathroom and never let your attention wander during bath time. There are also products that can help keep water levels low in the bathtub.

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