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How To Baby Proof A Hotel Room In 30 Minutes

Dreambaby brand No Tools No Screws Safety Kit for latching doors and drawers, and covering sharp corners.

Ready, set…you’re on vacation!

Unfortunately, this will not impress your very busy toddler in the least. For his safety and your sanity, dedicate 30 minutes to baby proofing your hotel room as soon as you arrive. Here’s how:

Put a Childproofing Kit to Work

Some hotels and cruise lines provide childproofing kits on request, so ask when you make your reservation. If not, bring your own travel childproofing kit, which may include removable outlet covers, cabinet locks, and corner protectors. Then use them.

Put Hazards Out of Reach

Move dangerous items (including coffeepots, hair dryers, toiletries, drinking glasses, and dry cleaning bags) out of reach.

Attend Windows and Doors

Pull furniture away from windows. Make sure the windows and doors have sturdy locks (balcony doors especially).

Beware Coffee Tables

If the room includes a sharp-edged coffee table, either cover the edges with edge protectors or hand towels (you can tie or tape them on), or ask that the table be removed.

Tie up Loose Blind Cords

Dangling cords are a big strangulation hazard. Pipe cleaners are a great way to tie them up and get them out of reach.

Inspect the Room at Your Child’s Level

Get down on your hands and knees and look for hazards such as pest poisons, peeling paint, or small items at your child’s eye level.

Plug Open Outlets

Cover exposed electrical outlets with outlet plugs.

Bring a Gate or Confiner

Consider bringing a portable baby gate, play yard, or confiner to provide a barricade or corral little ones when needed.

Ensure the Crib Meets Safety Standards

If you’re using a hotel crib, inspect it carefully for loose hardware, insufficient mattress supports, or an outdated drop-side design. While The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) requires hotels to provide cribs that meet current federal standards, it’s up to parents to verify it for themselves. Ask the hotel about its procedures when you make your reservation, or bring a portable crib along instead.

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