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How To Baby Proof Your Kitchen

When it comes to baby proofing, your kitchen requires extra attention

It may be at the center of your home, but it’s also chockfull dangers for kids.

Luckily, there are many baby proofing items designed specifically for kitchen appliances, cabinets, and hazards. Putting kitchen dangers off limits isn’t as tricky as you’d think!

Baby Proof Cabinets and Drawers

The easiest way to put household cleaners, cutlery, and chine off-limits is with child proof cabinet locks, latches, and drawer locks. You have lots of choices, from adhesive cabinet locks that require no drilling to so-called invisible cabinet locks to lazy Susan locks just for revolving corner cabinets.

Soften Sharp Edges and Corners

It’s all too easy for kids to bang their heads on the edges of countertops and kitchen islands. Shield them with soft corner protectors, and keep stools away from counters to discourage climbing.

Unplug Small Appliances

When not in use, unplug coffee makers, toasters and other small electrics. Wind the cords so there’s no slack to yank on.

Child Proof Your Stove

You can’t take chances with hot stovetops and ovens.  An oven lock will ensure the door remains closed, while a stove guard will barricade burners from little fingers. Are your stove knobs out front, where your child can reach them? Install stove knob covers.

Use Appliance Locks

Kids are fascinated by refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher doors, and each appliance poses unique hazards. Flexible appliance locks can prevent little hands from opening a range of appliance doors without limiting adult access.

Look Out for Sneaky Hazards

Patrol your kitchen for these less-obvious but still dangerous hazards: dish detergent, vitamins, plastic bags, and refrigerator magnets. These all need to be out of reach.

 Put a Lid on Trash

Make sure you child proof the trash can with a latching lid to deter “dumpster diving.”

Practice Safe Cooking

Cook on the back burners when possible, or turn the pot handles backward. Better yet, keep baby secure in his highchair while you’re cooking, snug in his highchair harness.

Some experts recommend designating one floor-level cabinet for baby. Fill it with plastic storage containers, wooden spoons, and other items baby can safely play with while you’re cooking.

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