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Outdoor Safety For Kids? It Starts In Your Own Backyard

There is no safer place for kids than in their own yard, right? Wrong!

The average property contains many hidden hazards. Read our safety tips, and learn how to spot them, fix them, and make your yard a child-safe play zone.

Put the Tools Away

Kids are naturally curious. Never leave lawn mowers, pruning shears, or power tools out where children will be tempted to “try” them. Never mow the lawn when kids are in the yard; keep lawn and garden chemicals out of reach.

Get a Driveway Guard

If your kids play in the driveway, get a driveway guard or a “kids at play” sign to keep motorists away and put drivers on alert.

Safeguard the Deck

Have a deck? Measure the space between the railings. If the openings are large enough for your child to wedge a limb through, you need a rail guard or screen. If your deck has stairs or an opening, secure it with an outdoor safety gate to prevent falls and escape artists.

Declare Firewood Off Limits

Kids love to climb woodpiles, but stacked logs are a falling hazard. Plus, you don’t know what kind of critters may have taken up residence in them.

Choose a Sandbox with Cover

Sandboxes are great creativity builders, but make sure to get one with a cover. Covers not only keep play sand clean and fresh longer, but keep out pets, bugs, and uninvited wildlife.

Make Sure Patio Furniture Is Child Safe

More than a few kids have fallen when trying to scale adult picnic tables and climb into rocker style patio chairs. Set rules that your outdoor furniture isn’t a jungle gym. One way to avoid potential accidents: get a kid-sized picnic table and bench set or child-sized Adirondack chairs.

Some yard equipment requires special child proofing and care.

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