Life Skills 101: Teaching Kids Money Management

It’s never too soon to begin teaching your child “dollars and sense.” According to experts, kids who learn how to handle their money early on are less likely to get in financial trouble later. The risk is real, and it’s closer than you think. Eighty-three percent of college students have at least one credit card—and […]

Helping Kids Build Better Balance

When it comes to kids and physical activity, few skills are more important than balance control. Whether learning to crawl, walk, ride a bike, or play sports, kids can’t get very far until they can keep those little bodies properly balanced.While a lucky few are born with an intuitive sense of balance, most children need […]

Potty Training Myths And Facts

The Real Poop on Potty Training From potty training horror stories…to widely-quoted training “rules”…to claims that sound too good to be true, it’s enough to overwhelm any parent. Don’t be daunted by all the chatter and buzz. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common claims. Claim: Parents Should Start Potty Training Kids […]

Potty Training Tips For Boys

Is It Really Harder to Potty Train Boys? According to conventional wisdom, it’s harder to potty train boys than girls. That being said, we’ve yet to find any scientific evidence backing this up. However, studies have found that boys achieve training a little later than girls: at an average of 31 months for boys versus […]

Helping Kids Learn to Dress Themselves

The Fine Art of Self Dressing Of all the life skills kids are asked to master early on, self dressing ranks up there in complexity. Self dressing takes time and practice. It requires coordination, sequencing skills, and the ability to handle frustration. Luckily, most kids can’t wait to dress themselves. Here’s how you can help […]

Your Teething Baby: Advice And Remedies

Is Your Baby Teething? At about six months of age, most babies begin teething. By no coincidence, at about the same time, many happy-go-lucky infants transform into grumpy little grouches. Any way you look at it, teething doesn’t feel good. Some babies have a much harder time teething than others. One thing is for certain: […]

Winter Clothing: Head-To-Toe Dressing Tips

 Are Your Kids Prepared For The Cold? Few things are more delightful than playing in the snow, but few things are more daunting than bundling kids up for winter weather. Gearing up for cold weather play presents some challenges for parents. How do you keep kids warm and dry, without over-bundling? How do you minimize […]

When To Start Potty Training Your Child

Dealing with Potty Training Pressure Of the many social burdens placed on parents, one of the greatest (and dumbest!) is the pressure to potty train toddlers “early.” Potty Training Readiness: Getting Real This is just plain silly, because there is no single ideal potty training age. It isn’t something you can accelerate. Until your child […]

UV, UPF, And SPF…. What’s The Diff?

Do you know the difference between UV, UPF, and SPF? Does it really matter? There is a difference, and yes, it matters. But understanding them is easier than you think.  UV = Ultraviolet UV is short for “ultraviolet,” as in ultraviolet rays. There are three types of UV rays: UVA rays, which cause wrinkling and […]

Tips For Eating Out With Baby

Love dining out? Who doesn’t! Sharing a meal out with your baby or tot can be very enjoyable family time—and it’s a great way to start building social savvy. But when your dinner companion is cranky and restless, the experience quickly turns sour. In order to ensure a pleasant occasion—for baby, for you, and for […]