UV, UPF, And SPF…. What’s The Diff?

Do you know the difference between UV, UPF, and SPF? Does it really matter? There is a difference, and yes, it matters. But understanding them is easier than you think.  UV = Ultraviolet UV is short for “ultraviolet,” as in ultraviolet rays. There are three types of UV rays: UVA rays, which cause wrinkling and […]

Six Fast Sun Facts For Kids

Teach Sun Protection At An Early Age! One of the greatest gifts you can give your child is to follow healthy sun protection habits from the start. Because the more we learn about UV exposure, the more dangerous we know it is for babies and kids. Know the facts! The effects of UV exposure are […]

Simple Sun Protection Tips For Parents

Don’t Let A Sunburn Ruin Your Day You know the dangers of UV exposure, especially for kids. The good news is, practicing good sun safety is really a matter of taking some simple precautions. Eventually, these will become second nature for your family. And in the meantime, you’ll teach your child good sun protection habits […]

SID’s Information Every Parent Should Know

Every new parent needs to learn about SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. And while the numbers are decreasing, about 2,500 infants in the United States still die from SIDS each year. Scientists don’t yet know how to prevent it, but there are specific precautions you can take to reduce SIDS risk. What Is SIDS? […]

Pool Safety: 13 Steps To A Safer Backyard Pool

Is Your Pool Safe For Children? A backyard pool can be wonderfully beneficial for kids. Swimming is not only fun, it’s terrific exercise. In addition, a pool can set the scene for hours of quality family time, as well as playtime with friends. However, having a pool is also a huge responsibility. According to the […]

Outdoor Safety For Kids? It Starts In Your Own Backyard

There is no safer place for kids than in their own yard, right? Wrong! The average property contains many hidden hazards. Read our safety tips, and learn how to spot them, fix them, and make your yard a child-safe play zone. Put the Tools Away Kids are naturally curious. Never leave lawn mowers, pruning shears, […]

Kids And Fire Safety: Key Fire Prevention Tips

Did you know that every 76 seconds, a home catches fire somewhere in the U.S.? And that kids are at especially high risk in fires? According to statistics, about 3650 children ages 14 or younger are killed or injured in residential fires every year. Okay, that’s the scary news. Now for the good news: many […]

How To Teach Kids Basic Fire Safety

No one expects to ever have a fire in their home But it happens, literally every day, and kids are at especially high risk. Because when kids panic, their instinct is not to escape but to hide, which is the worst thing to do in a fire. That’s why experts recommend that, besides practicing good […]

How To Keep Kids From Getting Lost

Have you ever been out and turned around to find your child has vanished? It’s a moment of pure terror. And while most kids are found within minutes, it can feel like a lifetime. But life is supposed to be filled with fun outings and adventures. So how do you keep kids from getting lost? […]