How To Choose The Best Baby Gate

Once your baby starts crawling, baby gates become a childproofing essential The good news is, now parents have more safety gate choices than ever. There’s a solution for just about every space! But all these options make it harder to choose. But choosing the best baby gate for each space doesn’t need to be complicated. […]

How To Choose A Play Yard Or Playpen

The Purpose of Play Yards: Child Safety You’re a parent. You have two hands, one brain, and infinite demands on your time. When you can’t give your baby or toddler your full attention, containment is the smarter, safer option. So, welcome to the world of play yards and confiners! It’s a big, wide world. How […]

How To Child Proof Your Swing Set

More Than 200,000 Children Are Injured On Playground Equipment Every Year 70% of accidents are  from falls.  An ounce of prevention can make a big difference between a little bump and a serious injury. Choose The Right Landing Surface What’s beneath your swing set matters. Grass and packed dirt are too hard to guard against serious […]

How To Care For Children’s Feet

From the Office of Dr. Richard J. Manolian Board-certified Podiatrist Inventor of Arch Angels® Children’s Comfort Insoles How to Care For Children’s Feet As parents and caregivers, we have an enormous responsibility trying to protect our children and promote their optimal well-being. This handy list can help you understand the most important elements of caring […]

How To Buy The Best Infant Car Seat For Your Baby

 You want the best infant car seat for your newborn Car seats save lives and reduce injuries, which is why they’re required in all 50 states. Most hospitals won’t let you take baby home without one. Baby’s first car seat will be an infant car seat, also called a car seat carrier. (The seat detaches […]

How To Buy The Best Car Seat For Your Toddler

Is It Time For A Convertible Car Seat? Once your baby has outgrown her rear-facing infant car seat, typically between 1-2 years, the next step is a conventional, or toddler, car seat. Of course you want a car seat that’s reliable, comfortable, and easy to use, but above all, keeps your child safe. With so […]

How To Buy The Best Booster Seat For Your Child

Is Your Child Ready For A Booster Seat? Safety experts recommend that kids stay in conventional car seats as long as possible. But once your child has reached your car seat’s weight or height maximum, typically between the ages of 4-7, your next step is a belt-positioning booster seat. Instead of a built-in harness, a […]

How To Baby Proof Your Kitchen

When it comes to baby proofing, your kitchen requires extra attention It may be at the center of your home, but it’s also chockfull dangers for kids. Luckily, there are many baby proofing items designed specifically for kitchen appliances, cabinets, and hazards. Putting kitchen dangers off limits isn’t as tricky as you’d think! Baby Proof […]

How To Baby Proof Your House

Learning to crawl is more than an important developmental milestone It also marks the dawn of the child proofing era. In a heartbeat, your sweet, sedentary infant is transformed into a relentless explorer, and your home becomes a minefield of hidden hazards. Simple Baby Proofing Saves Lives Each year, about 2,500,000 children are accidentally injured […]

How To Baby Proof Your Bathroom

Water, slippery surfaces, rock-hard fixtures…there’s no question that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house for kids While there is no substitute for vigilant supervision some proactive baby proofing will make the bathroom a safer place for kids to be. Monitor Water Temperature Always fill the tub first and check […]