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How to Find the Best Baby and Kids’ Products

When it comes to kids’ products, we have good news and bad news. The good news: because the children’s market keeps growing, you have more product choices than ever. The bad news: with such a broad array of products to choose from, how can you possibly identify the best choice for you and your child?

The key is to do your research before you make a purchase. Our buying guides are a great place to start. They’ll give you basic background information that will help you focus in on what you need.

Read our Buying Guide Articles below:

Make Back-To-School Lunches Simple, Fun, And Healthy

Two colorful thermal zippered pouches for a healthy sandwich and vegetable sticks.

Fun Food Shapes: Using a sandwich cutter or a fun shaped cookie cutter, turn sandwiches and veggies into kids’ favorite shapes or characters. Cut carrots, zucchini & celery into moons, flowers, clouds. (Tip: Scrape down the sides of a carrot to make flower petals.) Include individually-packaged condiments for dipping. Make a mustard/mayo smiley face on […]

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How To Choose The Best Baby Toys

A smiling baby girl wearing a blue top, playing with a colorful soft block set with a hole for the small stuffed toys.

With so many toys on the market, how can you possibly know which ones are best for your baby? It’s an important question. For little ones, playing is about more than entertainment, it’s their primary means of learning and developing. In just a few years, your helpless infant will become a competent youngster—walking, talking, socializing […]

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How To Choose A Great Kids’ Halloween Costume

A smiling toddler boy in a gray robot Halloween costume with a light blue tie, standing in front of hay bales and leaves.

Halloween is one of the most magical days in the whole year for a child Think about it: each year, your child’s costume will be captured forever in family memories, stories, photos, and videos. You’re not just choosing a Halloween costume, you’re weaving family history-in-the-making. That’s why it pays to take your time and choose […]

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How To Buy A Stroller

Woman pushing a Graco brand sit and stand stroller with a baby strapped in front and a toddler boy standing in the rear.

So Many Choices, Which Stroller Is Right For You? When it comes to selecting baby gear, choosing a stroller is one of the most significant buying decisions you’ll make. Few pieces of gear get such an intensive workout over the course of several years. Parents have far more choices now than they did when we […]

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How To Buy A Diaper Bag

A diaper bag in black with gray circles, and matching turquoise bottle tote, changing pad and accessory.

Which Diaper Bag Is Right For You? When you think about it, choosing the right diaper bag is one of the most important purchasing decisions you’ll make as a young parent. After all, you’ll rely on this bag every single day for the next few years! A smart diaper bag keeps you organized and well […]

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How To Buy A Baby High Chair

A woman in a kitchen feeding a baby in a dark wooden high chair, with a printed plastic drop sheet on the floor.

Few pieces of baby equipment are subjected to tougher conditions than the high chair! After all, baby’s high chair will be pressed into service at least three times a day for several busy, messy, active years—adding up to roughly a thousand uses in a single year! You will be scrubbing that high chair more times […]

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Creating The Perfect Closet Organizer

A multi-layered child's closet organizer for hanging clothes, shoes, towels and bedding, and soft sided baskets for more.

A well-designed kids’ closet organizer is a beautiful thing It allows you to maximize your existing storage space, while saving you precious time (a must on busy mornings!). It even helps kids build good organizational habits. So, when we decided to offer a closet organizers for kids, we started like we always do: by asking […]

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Choosing Toys For Kids With Special Needs

A young girl in a red top and jeans balancing on colorful plastic cushioned floor disks.

All kids love new, cool, fun toys—and that includes kids with disabilities But it’s not always easy to find, let alone choose, the right toys for a child with special needs. How do you know if a toy will match a child’s abilities, let alone enhance his or her skills? According to government statistics, there […]

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