5 Ways To Help Fidgety Kids Focus

Some Kids Just Can’t Sit Still!      Is your child the one who is always in motion, whether tapping his feet or twirling her hair? The one who can’t stay seated for any length of time? Lots of kids fidget. The problem is when it interferes with learning, school, or social development. It used to […]

15 Tips For Soothing A Fussy Baby

Bundle of joy? Or bundle of noise? During the first few months of life, most babies cry a full two or three hours each day! Needless to say, many new parents are unprepared for the amount of time their newborns spend fussing. In most cases, crying is normal and healthy—although admittedly not much fun for […]

12 Real World Tips For Traveling With Kids

Where do parents get their best ideas? Often, from other parents! That’s why we’re sharing a dozen clever travel tips provided parents in our online community. These ideas work for them…maybe they’ll work for you. Be a “travel fairy” Purchase small, inexpensive toys to use as rewards during long car trips. For each segment of […]

10 Tips: Easing The Move From Crib To Bed

Goodbye, Crib…Hello, Toddler Bed! Transitioning out of a crib and into a bed is one of childhood’s major milestones. Some toddlers take to the big-kid bed with ease. But many need a little help adjusting. Either way, here are the best tips we’ve found for easing the move from crib to bed.  1. Avoid Pressure […]

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips For Parents

When it comes to family travel, our rule of thumb is: play it safe Take these 10 basic steps to ensure your baby or child’s safety, and you’ll enjoy your outings and vacations that much more. Have a sun protection plan One serious childhood sunburn can increase a child’s risk of developing skin cancer later, […]