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7 Potty Training Tips That Make Life Easier

A young girl is looking at the Potty Watch on her wrist which helps to remind her to take potty breaks.

We’ve all heard horror stories about how difficult and stressful it is to start potty training a toddler

But it doesn’t have to be!

Once you’ve determined that your child is truly ready (see our companion article), do yourselves a favor and set yourselves up for success. These simple potty training tips can make things easier and faster for the whole family.

Help your child relax on the potty

Experts recommend getting kids their own scaled-down potty, because it’s easier to use and balance on. You can choose a low, self-standing potty chair or a child-sized seat that attaches to a standard toilet, along with a step stool for kids for safe, easy access.

Build a potty vocabulary

Decide in advance what words you’ll use to describe body parts and functions. Choose words that you and your family can live with for the long haul, because you’ll be using them even after your child is trained.

Help your child recognize his or her body’s signals

 Encourage your child to tune in on the “I gotta go!” sensation. Unlike diapers, training pants that allow kids to feel wetness after having an accident will help raise body awareness. (When your child starts announcing he or she has a dirty diaper, you know he or she is paying attention.)

Be consistent

Experts say it’s important to get kids to sit on the toilet frequently, to help build the habit of going to the bathroom. A Potty Watch is a fun way to remind kids it’s time to go (and then, you won’t have to watch the clock or nag!). And don’t let travel disrupt your potty training schedule: bring a portable travel potty seat along with you.

Emphasize the benefits of achieving “big kid” status

Use praise and positive reinforcement to keep your child enthused. Many kids are motivated by the thought of trading in their diapers for “big kid underwear.” Potty training rewards charts and stickers are great incentives, too.

What about  potty training boys?

 If you have a boy, you may choose to train him to urinate standing up from the start. Many parents report that their sons do well when following dad’s example. To make training easier and minimize cleanup, consider a kid-size urinal or a potty for boys that comes with a splashguard.

Make it easier for yourself

Admittedly, potty training can get messy and exasperating at times. Be ready for it. For example, get ahead of nighttime accidents by covering the bed with a quick-change mattress protector. And if you can share your frustrations and funny stories with other parents, it will help put the whole process into perspective. “Potty humor” will take on a whole new meaning!

You can do this without losing your sanity, and we’ve got tools to help—check out our proven potty training solutions.

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My daughter is 3, my son is 2. Their birthdays are around the corner. Think more like 3 & 4. I purchase easy ups for them. My daughter attends head start school. She is progressing at school, regressing in the home. My wife is blaming me. Telling me it’s my fault. To remind her every ten minutes, like they do in school. I tell her, that sounds exaggerated. Please give me some positive feedback. And encouragement, because my wife doesnt!

Puja arora

My son is turning 3 and needs to be potty trained for his preschool. Can you share some tips

robin admore

my oldest daughter is turning three this year and needs to be potty trained before starting school

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Published on Feb 12 2016

Last Updated on Dec 26 2017

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