Pretend Play: The Magical Benefits Of Role Play

Children Love To Role Play “Let’s play castle! I’ll be the princess—you be the knight!” “Mommy, can I help wash the dishes?” “When I grow up, I want to be a fireman.” Sound familiar? If you have a child, you probably hear these things all the time. Children are naturally drawn to role play—the magical […]

Playgroup Power: Secrets To Planning Successful Playdates

Playdates Are More than Just Fun For Children For most kids, playdates are one of their favorite activities, but there’s more going on here than just having fun. When it comes to building social skills and forming first friendships, playdates are powerful learning tools. Playdates help kids develop a range of interpersonal skills, including communication, […]

Planning Your Family Vacation: Traveling With Kids

Are you Ready For Your Family Vacation? Let’s hear it for family vacations! They offer the ideal opportunity to enjoy quality time with your child — while building some wonderful family memories. But traveling with kids presents some very real challenges. How do you ensure a happy and relaxing vacation for one and all? The […]

Life Skills 101: Teaching Kids Responsibility

We All Want Our Children To Grow Into Responsible, Competent Adults But how do parents accomplish that? Being responsible is much more than a skill—it’s an attitude. It’s up to parents to instill that willing, winning mindset, while showing their kids what responsibility entails. This is really about more than doing a few chores. It’s […]

Kids Dental Care: Keeping Smiles Healthy And Bright

There are few things more precious than your child’s smile By practicing good preventive dental care, you can keep that beautiful smile healthy, right from the start. Most babies get their first tooth at around six months and will have all 20 primary teeth by the age of three. Then, at about six years old, […]

Improving Your Child’s Hand-Eye Coordination

Developing good coordination is a hugely important skill From getting dressed in the morning—to succeeding at school—to using a telephone or computer, it’s a skill your child will draw on throughout the day, every single day for the rest of his or her life. Think about it: the ability to use hands and eyes together […]

How To Make Baby’s First Christmas Merry

Baby’s first Christmas is a magical event. Among other things, your little sugarplum will be the star of every gathering. However, for many little ones, the most enjoyable holiday experiences are those that aren’t too exciting. There is such a thing as too many jingle bells! We all look forward to holiday parties, but they […]

How To Encourage Solo Play

Does your toddler know how to entertain himself? It’s a valuable skill—and one that offers many important developmental benefits. Independent play helps kids develop a sense of self-reliance and self-identity. It stimulates creativity and original thinking. It also gives children the opportunity to interact with the world on their own terms, making important discoveries and […]