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Credit FAQ

How does Montgomery Ward Affect My Credit Score & History?

Welcome to the Montgomery Ward Credit FAQ page–your go-to source for questions about Wards Credit and important info on how life events affect your credit as a whole? Scroll down to find answers to common customers queries like: “How do I increase my Wards Credit Limit?”, “How does Montgomery Ward impact my credit score?”, “Does Montgomery Ward report to credit bureaus?” and many more.

Wards Credit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Does Montgomery Ward report to credit bureaus?

Montgomery Ward reports information regarding its open, active accounts. Information reported includes all relevant historical information, including the account open date and the complete payment history. On-time payments to your Wards Credit account are an effective way to build a strong credit report and improve your credit score.

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How does Montgomery Ward Credit work?

In many ways, Montgomery Ward Credit works in the exact same way as any store-branded credit card, however there are a few notable differences that make our plan more customer friendly.

  1. Our credit is not issued by or through a national or state-chartered bank. Montgomery Ward extends credit directly to you, so there are no third-party fees AND we can extend credit to people who might not qualify for traditional banks or store credit cards.
  2. Montgomery Ward Credit is open-ended, meaning that you do not have a fixed number of payments, like a car loan or mortgage.
  3. Montgomery Ward Credit is revolving so that your available credit increases and decreases based on your credit limit, how much you have purchased, and how much you have paid.
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How do I apply for Montgomery Ward Credit?

Montgomery Ward offers credit to thousands of people each year. Most credit accounts are opened in response to a pre-approved credit offer that was included in a catalog or offered online. Generally, customers who make a purchase within their pre-approved credit limit, have their orders completed without additional review.

For customers who did not receive a pre-approved offer or did not receive a catalog in the mail, our process is slightly different.

  1. These customers shop, select the items they want to buy and select “Open a New Account” as a payment option at checkout.
  2. Once customers apply for an account, the credit approval process works like any other. We ask a few simple questions and request credit-history information.
  3. After the customer’s’ credit history has been reviewed we make a decision on whether or not to extend credit.
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What are possible responses to my request for Montgomery Ward Credit?

  1. Approved – your request for credit is granted and your order will be shipped as quickly as possible.
  2. Declined – we will not ship your order without payment in full.
    Declined credit is generally due to one of the following:
    a. Non payment of a previous Montgomery Ward Credit account
    b. A fraud alert or other restriction on a credit report that does not allow credit to be extended
    c. No information returned from the credit bureau
  3. Down Payment Required – this means we believe you could be a good credit customer, but we would like you to pay some portion of your order total prior to shipment.
    Down payments are generally requested because:
    a. There is some issue with your previous credit performance
    b. Limited previous credit history
    c. Your order is large enough that we are only willing to extend credit for a part of the total

Once your application has been approved or you make the requested down payment, your order is shipped as quickly as possible, and the order total is charged to your new account.

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How does billing work?

Your first monthly billing statement is prepared and sent out within five days of shipping your order. The due date for your account is established by the date of your first billing statement—your payment will be due on the same date each month, beginning approximately 30 days after your first statement is printed.

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How can I make a payment?

Consistent, timely payments are the key to building a positive payment history and qualifying for a limit increase on your Montgomery Ward credit account. Once you have received your first billing statement, you can make payments on your account in a number of ways:


Go to and click My Account to log in or register to manage your account. Once there, you can check your account balance and credit limit, make a payment, sign up for e-statements and/or enroll in our automatic payment service.


Your statement will include a remittance stub and a payment envelope so you can mail in your payment (please mail 7-10 days before your due date to allow for delivery).


You can make a payment using our automated voice-response system or you can wait to speak to a credit representative. To speak to a credit representative, please call 877-784-2836.

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How does Montgomery Ward Credit differ from layaway?

The biggest difference between Montgomery Ward Credit and traditional layaway programs is that you get what you want and need now—no waiting.
With Wards Credit:

  • There are no extra fees to open your account
  • No minimum order requirements
  • You can make easy payments from home (online, phone or mail-in)
  • Wards delivers to your door—no trips to a pick-up desk
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Can Montgomery Ward Credit improve my credit score?

An open, active Montgomery Ward Credit account—with a history of consistent, timely payments—will help to improve the credit score of most consumers. Credit scoring is a complex procedure that is based on many factors, so we can’t guarantee that all consumers will see an improvement in their credit score, particularly right after the account is opened.

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How can I use my Montgomery Ward Credit to fix my bad credit score?

The only way to fix a poor credit score based on less-than-stellar previous performance is to establish new accounts, use them responsibly, and make regular, timely payments. In short, replace the old, bad account histories with newer, good ones. Remember—regular, timely payments are the key!

If you don’t have a credit history, Montgomery Ward is a great place to begin building one. Low monthly payments and a wide variety of products mean you can purchase things you want, make your payments on a consistent basis, and begin building a positive credit history—and you will qualify for limit increases from Wards, too!

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Can Montgomery Ward Credit negatively affect my credit score?

Consistent, timely payments are the key to building a positive credit history. Therefore, having an open account of any type that has a history of delinquency and missed payments will almost certainly have a negative impact on your credit score. Beyond that, credit scoring is a complex process that is based on many factors, so it is difficult to say with certainty what impact any single factor will have on any given consumer’s credit score. It is highly unlikely, however, that having a revolving line of credit in good standing with a company like Wards will adversely affect your credit score.

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How can I increase my Montgomery Ward Credit amount?

Montgomery Ward routinely reviews the in-company payment performance and external credit history of its open, active accounts to determine which ones may qualify for a credit-limit increase (this process does not have an impact on your credit score). Regular, timely payments on your Wards account-and all other accounts-are the key to qualifying for a limit increase.

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My catalog said I was approved for a certain amount; why couldn’t I buy a certain product right away?

Montgomery Ward may not approve your request for credit in the full amount for a number
of reasons. If we are requesting payment in full, it means we have found a significant issue with your request, including:

  1. Non payment of a previous Montgomery Ward Credit account
  2. A fraud alert or other restriction on a credit report that does not allow credit to be extended
  3. An inability to verify your identity

If we have asked you to pay some portion of your order total prior to shipment it is generally because:

  1. You have exceeded your pre-approved credit limit
  2. You have a payment issue with an affiliated company