Sales and Use Tax Notices

Dear Customer:

In order to be compliant with tax law, we are required to collect sales tax for most states. Due to the complexity of multistate sales tax collection, we use Avalara Automated Tax Compliance Software to ensure we are collecting and remitting accurate sales tax as required for each state.

When you place an order on our website, we estimate sales tax during the checkout process. After the order has been placed, Avalara Automated Tax Compliance Software then tells us if the final tax amount needs to be adjusted according to your state. For that reason, you may see a slightly different final sales tax amount on your statement than is posted during checkout.

Except for the states listed below, we collect sales tax for all states.

  1. There are a few states that do not collect sales tax at all:
    • Delaware
    • Montana
    • New Hampshire
    • Oregon

For further taxation information on your state, please go to: or visit

If you’d like to learn more about Avalara Automated Tax Compliance Software, please go to: