To apply, simply place an order!

Choose Wards Credit as your payment method at checkout
+ answer a few simple questions. Get a quick decision!

It’s easy to get credit to buy the things you need!

-Karen M., Wards Customer

Benefits of Wards Credit

Take Control,
Live Better

Payments start at $10 a month

Keep Your
Budget on Track
with payments
as low as $10 a month

+ no annual fees!

Give the Best
to You & Yours

Shop the brands you love

Find Brands
You Love and a GIANT selection...
You have quality
AND choices.

Grow + Gain Confidence

Build your credit score with on-time payments

Improve Your
Credit Score
by making regular on-time payments.We report
to major credit bureaus!

Enjoy a True Partnership

Join a partnership with Wards Today

We’re Your
Single Source
for the credit &
products you love

Build Your Future

Earn higher credit limits with Wards

Higher Limits
with on-time

Feel at Ease

Manage your account confidently and safely

& Secure
checkout & account

Increase Your
Buying Power

with Wards Credit!

Pay just $5 or $10 more per month and you could
buy up to
$200 more
merchandise now with Wards Credit!*

Subject to credit approval—
on-time payments could help raise your credit limit over time!

More About Applying

How is applying
Wards Credit

At Wards, you simply place your order, ask for Wards Credit and answer a few simple questions. The “application” is that easy and we think you’ll love it. After all, you’re here to shop, not fill out forms all day!

Start Shopping

What if I’m declined?
(I’m working on
my credit score…)

Don’t stress! Wards offers flexible down payment options, so you may still qualify for Wards Credit by simply making a small down payment on your first order.

We know you’re working hard to improve your credit score, and this is one more way that Wards says “Yes” when others say “No!” We want you to be able to get gifts for your loved ones, like clothes, toys, jewelry and more.

See Credit FAQs

Montgomery Ward has helped me build my credit score...
You guys are awesome
and I love how
you treat
your customers.
Thank you!

-Wards Customer

Use Wards Credit and
get buy now
on a huge
electronics, tools, shoes
and more.

Wards low monthly payments and fast approval process make it easy to use credit
while shopping online or in our catalog. Now it’s easy to get the brand‑name
cell phones, laptops
and TVs your family needs, while you save your cash
and credit cards for other purchases.

*Down payment may be required. Please note: All credit orders will be subject to credit approval.
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